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What programming language is used for VR?

Knowledge of a programming language is required to create virtual reality applications. The choice of the right one is based on the existing knowledge, experience, and willingness to learn new technologies.

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The modern virtual reality programming language is quite simple, although it will sometimes be necessary to connect additional libraries. Let’s look at what programming language is used for VR.


An object-oriented programming language that appeared in 1995. The technology has a general purpose; therefore, it can be used to program applications for virtual reality and create other programs.

To start your development, it is often enough to take training courses that provide the necessary level of knowledge. Language advantages:

  • – The constant development of the language. It is distributed under the free GPL license; therefore, add-ons and new libraries always simplify development.
  • – Versatility. The tool is excellent for creating VR applications, and the programming language goes beyond these limits. Many user applications are written in Java.
  • – Ease of study. The tool is easy to learn due to the initial simplicity of the syntax.

Virtual Reality Programming in C#

One of the classic programming languages that were studied even at school. For development, you need to connect the module. It can be either Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. Such virtual reality programming is convenient for the following reasons:

  1. – Ease of use of the instrument. The classic language, studied by almost all programmers, has a simple syntax.
  2. – Versatility. C# is used to develop virtual reality applications and other user programs. The same tool allows you to write application software and create operating systems or their elements.

A frame

A-Frame deserves special attention, which is more than just a full-fledged programming coding language than just a web framework. It allows you to create applications for VR and works with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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This framework suits those looking for the easiest and safest way to start developing. Initial knowledge is not required, distinguishing this method from the previous one.

The main advantage to consider if you want to know what coding language is used for VR:

  • – Variability. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about desktop or mobile platforms. The tool makes development easy.
  • – Convenience. Learning the framework is extremely easy.
  • – Free. The tool is distributed under a free license. This means that anyone can start development whenever they want.
what coding language is used for vr

What you need to know to become a VR/AR programmer

If you want to become a VR/AR developer, you need to study the following:

  • – features of the main platforms for game development;
  • – at least one programming language at the initial stage of work;
  • – the basics of working with animation, light settings, and optimization methods in Unity;
  • – device and tools of the selected engine.

A professional should not only be able to write clean code following the TOR but also improve the product, improving its functionality. You must always be ready for new complex tasks in the work process.

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How to learn VR/AR programming from scratch

You can learn VR/AR programming from scratch independently and in online courses, during which teachers will introduce you to theory and practice using pre-developed teaching materials. Let’s talk about the features of self-study and distance courses.

On one’s own

This is a complex and laborious method. Beginners will have to seek help from more experienced colleagues constantly. You need to learn several languages ​​and get acquainted with the field to get started.

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The lack of a developed plan makes learning difficult; iron willpower is needed for self-education. If you have questions while learning new material, you cannot get feedback.

Finally, after self-study, you will not receive a supporting qualification document, which means employers will doubt your competence.

On online courses

Online courses are an effective and reliable way to get a sought-after specialty. Experienced teachers teach classes and provide only the information necessary for mastering the future profession and support feedback with students, answering any questions.

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You can study conveniently, and many students combine study with work. Upon completion of the courses, a VR/AR programmer receives a diploma, with which the chances of successful employment increase significantly.

The choice of a suitable language for VR writing applications depends on the personal tastes of the developer. The willingness to learn also plays an important role.

If a person plans to develop seriously in this area, it is recommended to use Java. You can get in touch with our software development consulting services to get more information about VR/AR.

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