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Artificial Intelligence
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  • Face recognition
  • Agent modeling
  • Item Recognition
  • Human Skeleton Recognition


CTM 3D viewer
is the service that allows you to provide your clients with a nice and neat visualization of theirs jaws and teeth change as the result of their treatment. It can be easily integrated with your system that produces 3D models of jaws, and customized according to your wishes.
Human Skeleton Recognition
The application is based on the technology of augmented reality and neural networks, it allows you to try on clothes in real time with the imposition according to the skeleton.
Bila Tserkva AR
Application that helps to better understand the ideas of sculptures and makes it possible to interact with them to some extent, plunge into the atmosphere and learn the opinion of the author
This application was developed thinking about kids education. Its main purpose is to develop their visual imagination and perception while making learn process fun.
Lagoos Pool’s
The application helps sales managers present pools at a new level – show customers a general view of the interior / exterior with a “virtually” installed pool with the ability to switch design options during the presentation.
Tech020 Amsterdam
A unique application combining an unusual quest, 10 mini-games and 4 quizzes. The user, in search of AR targets, moved across the building and using the phone, could find 3d robots (designed specially for fare companies), which unlocked a certain company game. After the passage of all the games, the user received points, which they exchanged for valuable prizes.
AR Glasses & AI
The Android application for smart glasses allows sales representatives to directly record information about the status of the shelf using artificial intelligence technologies.
Profit ARea
In this game, the player tries on the role of a business tycoon in his the city. Driven by his ambitions and a flexible mind, he makes every effort to achieve his place at the very top of the business hierarchy, but for that he it will be necessary to choose the right action strategy, while not forgetting about other tycoons, and win the competition.
WebGL Pix4d Potree
The system is designed to convert the photo of television towers from the drone into a 3D point cloud to inspect the state of the tower structure
CPA havana.cash
CPA aggregator is an affiliate network. Another name is affiliate program aggregator (PP), consolidated advertisers and webmasters, simplifying the search for partners and both
AI Face Recognition
Facial recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source. There are multiple methods in which facial recognition systems work, but in general, they work by comparing selected facial features from given image with faces within a database.
Insurance CRM
Is an insurance agency management that will simplify your daily task as an agency while keeping your data organized. It allows agencies to manage their clients, staff, brokers, communication and policies on one platform.

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