Whack-a-Malfunction Game

The game is used at an innovations expo to illustrate one of Razor Labs Company SaaS products - DataMind Al which utilizes cutting edge Al technology to leverage large volumes of data for fixed and mobile mining assets reliability improvement. With highly accurate malfunction prediction, root cause analysis and real time health monitoring, it will prevent unplanned downtime well in advance.




Whack-a-Malfunction PromoGame

The outcomes of the game used at the innovations expo to illustrate Razor Labs' SaaS product, DataMind Al, are:

  • #1

    Increased understanding of DataMind Al: The game should help attendees at the innovations expo better understand how DataMind Al works and how it can help improve the reliability of fixed and mobile mining assets. This could be measured through post-game surveys or feedback.

  • #2

    Increased interest in DataMind Al: The game also aim to generate interest in DataMind Al as a SaaS product. Attendees who play the game should come away feeling that DataMind Al is a valuable tool for mining companies and that it could help them save time and money. This could be measured through lead generation or post-game surveys.

  • #3

    Improved perception of Razor Labs: The game designed to reflect positively on Razor Labs as a company. Attendees who play the game should come away with a good impression of Razor Labs and its technology. This could be measured through post-game surveys or social media mentions.

  • #4

    Engagement with the product: The game aim to engage attendees with DataMind Al in a fun and interactive way. This could be measured through metrics such as game completion rates, time spent playing the game, or number of players.



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