About us

We are a web and mobile app development company that specializes in providing a broad range of services - we create business solutions, test hypotheses, and test the impact of products on the market. We are the company that will think over, model and conveniently solve your tasks for you due to our software product development services.

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How it all began

Infancy 2016

In July 2016, a bunch of young guys became a team – each one was a specialist in his own field. We wanted to change the world of software development, at the same time to solve the problems of the B2B sector that unnecessarily spends extra money and time on routine tasks. Despite such ambitious and responsible goals, we did not forget about entertainment and we were creating the best game mechanics, using the most advanced technologies to create games for mobile devices. This was a golden time – infancy – a time when we built the foundation of our company

Childhood 2018

May 2018, after almost 2 years of “consolidation” the company developed a new business model. We created the development management departments, a financial department, accounting and a legal department, Our understanding of the company’s future started expanding and encompassing virtually limitless horizons.

Heyday 2020

At the beginning of 2020, the company’s organization becomes flexible and manageable. We now have a clear structure, determined functions, accounting and management systems, and a quality control department. The team consists of professionals from our industry, we make complex technical solutions that surpass our competitors. The company switches to a new level of organization that pursues customer satisfaction and achievement of goals.


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