Game Of Seven

Seven is an original two-player turn-based game. As most games today are either simplistic “gobble-up” arcade games, “shoot-’em-up” war games, or hours-long fantasy games, Seven - like Chess, Checkers, and Backgammon - challenges the intellect, yet also uses that special number 7 in an entirely new way.


Game Of Seven OUTCOMES


SOFTUUP created this game from scratch - from idea to publication in the markets.

To win, a player must either capture the four Gates of Heaven or banish four of their opponent's pieces to the Sheol. This requires careful planning and execution of moves, as well as strategic use of the three dice per turn and the limited movement spaces available.

The use of the number seven throughout the game, including the 7 by 7 board, 7 pieces per player, and 7 movement spaces per turn, adds an interesting and unique aspect to the game. Additionally, the 77 seconds per turn puts pressure on the players to think and act quickly, adding an element of excitement to the game.

The option to play against AI, a random human, or a friend, as well as the worldwide leaderboard and cross-platform support, allows for a diverse and engaging gaming experience. Overall, the outcomes of the game will depend on the skills and strategies of the players involved, making each game unique and challenging.

  • Markets

    Play on any device. Whether on your Google Android, Apple iOS, Apple macOS, or Microsoft Store (Windows) device, 'Game Of Seven' can be installed and played on any device. The game is also available on Valve Steam for PC and Mac. All human vs. human gameplay is instantaneously synchronized between players using different devices and platforms.

  • Multiplayer

    "Game of Seven" is a two-player turn-based game with a 7 by 7 board and 7 pieces per player. In multiplayer mode, two players can compete against each other to capture the four Gates of Heaven or banish four of their opponent's pieces to the Sheol. Each player has 77 seconds per turn to make their moves, and the game features limited movement spaces and the use of the number 7 in various aspects of gameplay. The game offers a challenging and engaging experience for players to compete against each other.

  • AI (scriptable opponent)

    The AI for The Game of Seven was created by the company's CTO and contains two strategies - "Aggressive" and "Imprisonment". In the "Aggressive" strategy, the AI aims to quickly capture all four "Gates of Heaven". In the "Imprisonment" strategy, the AI tries to trap the player's angels on all four "Sheol" squares.

  • Rewards

    Top 10 indie games of December 2022 according to The Game Development World Championship 2022.The Game of Seven is a great game that challenges the intellect and strategic thinking of its players. With its unique use of the number 7, limited movement spaces, and time pressure, the game offers a fresh and engaging gameplay experience.



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