WebAR Solution for Zhilyova Lingerie

Zhilyova Lingerie aimed to improve their customers' online shopping experience by effectively showcasing the quality, uniqueness, and innovative designs of their products. Additionally, they sought to address customers' hesitations and concerns about purchasing lingerie online due to the inability to try items on beforehand. However, this was a difficult task as customers usually browse through products on their computers or mobile devices, which only offer a 2D image of the items.




WebAR Solution

SOFTUUP's solutions enabled Zhilyova Lingerie to enhance their website's conversion rates by providing customers with a life-size view of their lingerie sets on various models. These experiences were seamlessly integrated into Zhilyova Lingerie's website on Shopify platform and have the potential to be scaled in the future.

  • Unlimited lingerie set demonstrations in augmented reality

  • An unlimited number of videos may be set from the administration page

  • Compensational stabilization algorithm fixes image shaking of uncalibrated devices

  • AR cross-browser solution without requiring the users to download any apps



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