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What is XR development?

XR is a combination of virtual and real worlds. This concept includes Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), and Mixed (MR) reality. SoftUUP is a web and mobile app development team of XR solutions with many years of experience in implementing AR/VR. Our team consists of true evangelists and experts in XR technology development. Our goal is to create high-quality content and implement modern XR technologies to meet any requirements of business customers. In this article, we want to discuss what XR development is.

What does XR mean?

We are often asked questions like “What is XR development?” XR means extended reality and includes:

  • – AR. It displays additional elements linked to real objects and is mainly adapted for mobile devices.
  • – VR. It creates a fully simulated virtual world with participant interaction through sight, touch, and hearing.
  • – MR. This technology is close to AR but adapted to helmets and glasses with an additional camera.

Here are some areas where XR development may be needed:

  • – Designing. Project development for visualization of architectural solutions.
  • – Computer games with VR. Nothing is cooler than immersing yourself in a virtual gaming reality.
  • – Modeling. With XR, creating impressive 3D models to showcase innovative products to your customers is possible.
  • – Simulation. XR is suitable for training and event prediction.
  • – E-commerce. XR can help the user see, for example, how the T-Shirt will look on him or her. XR allows potential buyers to do it from the comfort of their own homes.

Our XR development team specializes in AR and VR development. Let`s discuss them in more detail.

AR as a part of the XR concept


AR is graphics overlaid on top of the physical world using the screen of a gadget, usually a smartphone or tablet.

Augmented reality solutions exist in the form of light and color filters, facial and tactile triggers, background changes around the user, and limitless combinations thereof.

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The power of augmented reality allows ideas and messages to spread widely by turning viewers into active participants. They create their narrative and establish a stronger relationship with the brand.

Features of AR solutions:

  • – Engaging, easy to access, and quick to distribute format for Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.
  • – Requires no installation of additional apps other than those named above.
  • – Works on most smartphones released later than 2015.
  • – Opens by link.
  • – They can be used over different objects.

Advantages of AR solutions:

  • – Wide distribution across multiple channels: website, social media, print, online ads, packaging, and more.
  • – Simple contact with the user at a distance of just one click.
  • – An unprecedented opportunity to try on products, express yourself, take videos, share what you see, and just be the center of attention.
  • – Average contact time is significantly longer than with traditional advertising.
  • – Suitable for most audiences (13+).
  • – 24/7 access and flexible administration.
  • – Potential for quick and wide distribution.
  • Independent, accurate, and comprehensive statistics.

SoftUUP specializes in creating AR solutions for social media and AR for the web (WebAR or WebXR), which opens directly in the browser without installing an app. Our experience developing AR solutions covers game applications for promotions and presentations, navigation at exhibitions, AR installations for art projects, and solutions for various businesses, from presentations to professional training.

VR as a part of the XR concept

VR as a part of the XR concept

VR is complete and independent of the physical world digital space that uses the screen of a gadget, such as a computer or virtual reality glasses, to enter.

Combining 2D and 3D objects with audio allows you to create a virtual environment for passive observation or active participation. Various external stimuli can also be used to enhance the experience.

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The authenticity and ease of use of VR open access to a new dimension for conveying meanings and experiencing feelings. It is a real parallel universe with its physical laws, which make the user believe in what is happening.

Features VR solutions:

  • – Easy and engaging format, available online and compatible with most browsers.
  • – Does not require the installation of additional programs or applications.
  • – Works on computers and most smartphones released later than 2015.
  • – It can be used from a smartphone with simple virtual reality glasses for more immersion.
  • – It does not require special equipment like Oculus or Google Box but can be used with them.
  • – It does not require controllers. The cursor controls all rotations and interactive functions.

Advantages of VR solutions:

  • – Equally progressive and accessible technology that does not require any special equipment.
  • – Deep immersion allows you to be transported to other places, explore spaces, recreate atmospheres, travel through time, live a given scenario, play, and experiment.
  • – Remote or direct access at a convenient location.
  • – Simpler and more cost-effective implementation than a physical implementation of a similar project.

We primarily specialize in creating virtual reality for the web (WebVR or WebXR), which opens directly in the browser without installing an app. Our experience developing VR solutions covers 360 videos, 3D object tours, VR games, demonstration reels with interactive mechanics, and educational game content for companies and schools.

What is an XR developer?

XR developer is an AR/VR/MR development team having profound developers in these domains. The list of areas in which XR developers must be profound includes Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, UI, UX, C#, Java, Python, and JavaScript.

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Despite the great demand for XR developers, there is a shortage of such specialists in the global market. Fortunately for you, our XR developers at SUUP are ready to help you with your XR project development at any time. Now you have answers to your questions like “What is XR developer?” and “What is XR development?”

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