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What is smart contract development?

Today, it is possible to pay with crypto for numerous services, trade, and transfer tokens to friends and acquaintances as a gift. Consequently, users have a need for cutting-edge smart contracts. Only competent blockchain development experts can be trusted to develop smart contracts.

At SoftUUP, we offer the development of smart contracts for different projects. We can audit them for vulnerabilities, code bugs, and optimization. In this article, we want to discuss blockchain smart contract development.

Development of smart contracts: how they work?

smart contract development


Smart contracts act according to the simple and classic “if/when… then…” statement, which in turn is written in virtual code within a blockchain. Then, a set of computers executes the actions when the agreed conditions have been met and verified.

There can be as many stipulations as necessary to please its participants with the certainty that the allocation will be made successfully. To establish the terms, the parties must determine how transactions and their information are represented on the blockchain, agree on the rules guiding those transactions, cover all potential exceptions, and define an environment for resolving disputes.

At present, smart contracts can:

  • – Automate payments (the parties ensure that a given amount arrives at a precise destination – as is the case with inheritances, loans, or donations);
  • – Register and change the intellectual property of a document (something that can be automated);
  • – Carry out energy transactions (so that electric vehicles can be recharged);
  • – Make bets (thus dispensing with third-party entities);
  • – Use in voting (and even to generate a consequence once the votes have been counted);
  • – Enable the existence of “smart property” (which starts work once the logic of the smart contract is embedded within any object handled by digital means;
  • – Apply for financial cryptography.

If you need a smart contract, then contact the SoftUUP team. We have experience in software, AR, mobile, and smart contract development. Our expertise will allow you to combine the last trends of development practices in your smart contracts.

Blockchain smart contract development process

Developing smart contracts goes through 5 stages:

  • – Business conditions and requirements definition. This stage is needed to evaluate your needs for the future smart contract and avoid any mistakes during its development.
  • – Architecture development. It is a preparatory stage before development. It is necessary to plan your future smart contract work as detailed as possible.
  • – Writing code. Here developers code your smart contract according to the blockchain in which it will be operating.
  • – Internal audit. To avoid any troubles with smart contracts, auditing is held.
  • – Deployment. Developers add your smart contract to the blockchain and run its operation.

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At SUUP, we offer the development of smart contracts for vesting mechanisms, staking solutions, NFT-staking, liquidity pools, DAO, and private blockchains.

Why is conducting auditing necessary after developing smart contracts?

When the idea for smart contracts is ready, the question is where to start and how to properly implement it to make it work.

Technically, blockchain projects are 97% smart contracts:

  • – A smart contract, once launched, cannot be stopped. A smart contract records all actions in the blockchain, which means you can’t roll back or restart if necessary. This can be compared to launching a rocket. If something is not taken into account before the launch – the result can be financial and reputational losses for the project up to its closure.
  • – The commission per action. A smart contract takes a commission for every action/writing in a blockchain, in the cryptocurrency of the blockchain on which it is created. A poorly optimized smart contract can significantly drain a project’s budget or measurably reduce the benefit to the project’s users, resulting in a negative user experience.
  • – A smart contract should be audited. Users, investors, and potential partners are increasingly asking for an audit certificate because a smart contract will eventually operate with their assets.

So, it is not enough just to develop a smart contract as it is a relatively new technology that has many pitfalls. Neglecting smart contract auditing can lead to appalling consequences.

SoftUUP – reliable smart contract developer

At SUUP, we offer the auditing and development of smart contracts. We guarantee:

  • – Security. Our team has experience in successfully auditing and developing smart contracts.
  • – High-quality. You will get a quality smart contract on the output, which will work without any problems.
  • – Timeliness. We develop blockchain-based projects according to the terms of reference. We know everything about the development of smart contracts and use current blockchain trends masterfully.

In addition to cybersecurity and smart contract efficiency, we make smart contracts easier to integrate and upgrade through the implementation of oracles and proxy contracts.

All of the software product development services from the SoftUUP team

The development of smart contracts is an exciting and rapidly evolving field, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to impact the world of business and finance in the future. Our innovative web and mobile application development company SoftUUP can help you with it.

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