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How to make a game app for iPhone

Who has yet to dream of creating their own game for iPhone and iPad? The gaming industry is developing rapidly, and the desire to try yourself in this direction is quite natural. Many people are afraid to become a game developers because they think that this is not an easy job, requiring extreme concentration and rich experience in how to make a game app for iPhone. However, you can start your journey to your dream without programming skills.

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One of the tools for developing 2D and 3D applications and games is the Unity game engine. With its help, applications are created for both Windows and OS X and iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In addition, the engine is used on the PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Wii, and others. Unity is very popular among developers such as:

  • – Blizzard;
  • – EA;
  • – Ubisoft.

Because the engine is simple to work with, the interface is user-friendly, and there is a free version. The editor is easy to customize and has several different windows, making it possible to debug the game right in it.

The project itself in Unity is divided into levels, which are also called scenes – these are separate files with game worlds containing their own sets of scenarios, objects, and settings. Scripts, at the same time, interact with objects that contain sets of certain components. And thanks to the support of the Level of Detail system, highly detailed models are replaced with less detailed ones if the player is at a long distance. The best way to learn iOS development is to make games and understand how to build a game app for iPhone.

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You can read many books on learning iOS development, but before you get stuck in the code yourself, you won’t be able to learn anything. The best way to learn is through personal experience. You will need more than studying literature and tutorials to get it. Of course, you will become aware of something, but you cannot use this knowledge in practice.

How to create an app game for iPhone

The main steps:

  1. – Idea development. We will make the game’s concept, choose the best way to implement it and determine the functionality.
  2. – Market research. We will conduct a marketing analysis of the market and competitors and draw a portrait of an average player.
  3. – Game design and game creation. The work on the project will be carried out by some of the best developers in the country.
  4. – Testing. After finishing work on the game, we will test its functionality and gameplay.
  5. – Launch. We will deploy the game on servers and prepare for loads.
  6. – Promotion. If necessary, we will deal with the effective promotion of the game.
how to build a game app for iphone

Who needs iOS apps and why?

Apple is one of the most popular brands in the world, which has formed its own audience of users and fans, growing every year and with every release of new devices. Apple is the most successful technology company, and this should be remembered when choosing a platform for game development.

As of the beginning of 2023, the number of iOS devices worldwide exceeded 1.8 billion. The iPhone remains the most popular smartphone brand in the world, so in the era of the digital economy, applications on iOS can be required for any business.

Here are a few types of businesses that might need to create an ios app:

  • – Retail and eCommerce: The application can provide users with a convenient way to search and purchase products, as well as alert them to new arrivals, promotions, and discounts.
  • – Restaurants and cafes: the application can help users quickly and conveniently order food or a table, view the menu, and evaluate the service.
  • – Travel Companies: The app can provide travel information, book hotels, and transport tickets, and help you plan your itinerary.
  • – Fitness Clubs: The app can provide information about workouts and class schedules and allow user to track their progress and results.
  • – Medical institutions: The application can provide a convenient way for the user to make an appointment with a doctor, get information about treatment and prescriptions, and monitor their health.
  • – Banks and Financial Institutions: Mobile banking allows users to manage accounts, transfer funds, and use financial products like lending programs.
  • – Delivery services and logistics companies: The application can help users quickly and conveniently order the delivery of goods and track the delivery status.

It is also essential that iOS users tend to pay for mobile services rather than using free ones.

Perspectives on creating and publishing iOS apps

Little is pleasant in the app market, no matter how young creators cherish their yearnings. Of the many projects, not many become famous. One great American company, Epp Promo, completed a market analysis and got the following effects: most surveyed app developers said that 60% of games do not make cash, and 82% say they cannot support themselves with this business. Thus, they have to work somewhere else.

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Apple argues that its platform is the right place for this kind of earnings, but things are different. To make cash (well, or at least not go into the red), you need to get into the Top 100 or Top 200. Other creators describe this phenomenon by saying that somebody will need to be more active to scroll far down to find the product you deliver. Let’s move on if you are not scared of the above and still want to make a game app for your iPhone.

Which way to go: self-study or go to courses

Now, on the Internet, you can find a lot of information on how to make an ios game app or that task, and having basic knowledge, you can easily find a solution to the problem you need and apply this solution in your project. The problem with such knowledge may be that it needs to be given sequentially and can be given in different portions.

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In addition, there can be quite a large number of approaches to solving the same problem. Therefore, it is important to understand not how a specific task is solved but how the engine generally works, its structure, and what elements it consists of. After this, it is possible to find and apply the knowledge gained on the Internet correctly. Therefore, it is worth starting work with this engine with the correct presentation of structured information, which can be better done in programming and game development courses. So, you can definitely learn how to make an ios game app. You can get in touch with our software development consulting services to get more information

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