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What is a key feature of mixed reality?

There are 3 closely connected ideas:

  • ⭕ virtual reality;
  • ⭕ augmented reality;
  • ⭕ mixed reality.

AR is the addition of virtual images to the world. VR entirely supersedes the natural environment with a virtual one. Augmented and virtual reality do not interact with each other.

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Mixed reality (MR) is a system in which real and virtual objects interact and have a specific shape and position. Mixed reality elements in limited quantities and with incomplete functions are currently used.

Many theories about the ideal mixed reality, the so-called virtuality continuum. American economist and educator Paul Robert Milgrom identified one of them in 1994. Its definition and theory were based on the concept of Steve Mann. Before this, “mixed reality” was not formulated, and its elements were attributed to vr or ar.

Mixed reality developments are widely used in physics. The field of physics dealing with the study of mixed reality technologies is called interreal physics. The internal environment, according to physicists, is a mixed reality, where the virtual and the real exist side by side, and the clear boundaries between them are erased. Let’s look at what is the key feature of mixed reality.

MR devices project pictures onto a semi-transparent material. A person is a real world, thanks to the combination of materials and interaction with virtual objects. There is a certain mix of the real and the surrounding, and besides, plausible virtual objects penetrate into the world familiar to us, making their own corrections to its perception.

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Technology allows us to introduce them into the virtual space around us in such a way that they are perceived by those who see them as resources. This is the essence of confusion, which blurs the boundaries between the Existing and the fictional.

what is the key feature of mixed reality

Scope of mixed reality

Contact with virtual objects has become possible thanks to computers and smartphones. This is especially useful when the user wants to see the object from all angles. For example, online store product catalogs are massively transferring products to 3D format. Today you can look at the counters without leaving your home, take and see what you like. In many countries, this direction has yet to receive its development. It is only sometimes possible to find product photos in our online stores.

Another area of application of mixed reality can be called training simulators. The most common use of simulation training is training civil and military aviation pilots on unique simulators. The simulator itself is a complete copy of the aircraft cockpit, but instead of glass, it has displays that display a virtual picture overboard. Sometimes such simulators rotate in several planes, depending on the student’s actions and the simulated situation. Such simulators are created not only for aviation but also for other types of equipment.

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Popular at the beginning of the 2000s, racing simulators employing the steering wheel and pedals used elements of mixed reality. A person interacts with a virtual environment with the help of real physical objects on simulators and in the game.

Devices that help work with mixed reality elements are widely used in industry, particularly in construction, where virtual models of buildings are projected. It is worth noting that if objects are projected, this is augmented reality, but if they can be contacted in any way, they can be changed, and this is a mixed environment.

Applications and means of implementing MR

Among the devices that allow you to employ mixed reality today, you can list:

  • ⭕ the CAVE system, a projection room for creating an interactive environment;
  • ⭕ windshields, simulators with indicators;
  • ⭕ helmets and glasses of virtual reality;
  • ⭕  tablets, smartphones.

Founded on the variety of technology, examples of MR app are also quite mixed – both in times of faculty, possible scope, and conditions that apply to the user.

The main point what is the key feature of mixed reality

  • ⭕ remote assistance – a collaboration with a remote expert who helps solve problems right on the spot, in real time;
  • ⭕ training – creating personalized training materials and step-by-step instructions for new products, processes, and equipment;
  • ⭕ the main key feature of mixed reality is design – the ability to plan and allocate space, work collaboratively with other people, and study designs for the real world without expensive physical layouts;
  • ⭕ 3D content in the office – Collaboration with easy integration of 3D content moving from computer screens to full-fledged mixed reality environments;
  • ⭕ mixed reality meetings – team members can meet in real-time or asynchronously, share 2D and 3D content, quickly and at any time change their location;
  • ⭕ data and analytics in mixed reality – information workers can access data without looking at the monitor and without occupying their hands with control devices concerning space and context.
what is key feature of mixed reality

Mixed Reality Capabilities

Since birth, we can recreate 3D spaces from the 2D images created by each of our eyes. It’s called stereoscopic vision, and mixed reality uses this technique to create visual content.

With MR, it is possible to inject virtual elements into a real-world frame, as well as inject real-world elements into a fully virtual environment. Thus, the main characteristic of mixed reality is its ability to combine the real and virtual worlds into one.

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It is also possible to change actual elements in the environment through real-time user interaction. This interaction requires special devices such as visors built into helmets and goggles.

While the mixed reality is often seen as the forgotten sibling of augmented reality technology, it has just as much to offer as its better-known counterparts. When created correctly, it can supply a special immersive adventure for users, such as a car trip, which can be read about on the automotive portal TopGears.

The Future of Opportunity

Inventors and artists are those who strive to lead and lead when it comes to the technologies of the future. Our imagination only limits our ability to transform the world and our lives. With mixed reality, we get a blank canvas for creating rich and expansive natural environments. It is almost as if the Internet has found a new channel, an exit, or a physical manifestation of itself. It has broken away from the computer screen, stepping beyond its framework. This could begin a seismic shift in the spread of technological realities.

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