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What Can AR Give for Fashion Lovers?

Seems like augmented reality was made to work with the fashion industry! Just imagine trying on different T-shirts and dresses digitally. You can try on everything digitally! Try on different products, inspect them, and check different built-in shopping filters.

Snapchat and Beauty Products


Snapchat pioneered the power of augmented reality to consumers. It’s no secret why major brands used AR to promote their products.


Applying mascara and lipstick is easier than ever! You can try dozens of looks and makeup options in half an hour. You dont need to go to the beauty salon and spend your precious time to check what suits you best.


The Snap Face app applies VR only for the face. But in the future, the full virtual on-body fitting will be a part of our lives. And this process will be as exciting as trying on beauty products.


Virtual Fitting


According to Statista, returns from online apparel sales have grown over the past three years. Clients return their purchases because the clothes from an online store dont fit them properly.

Virtual Fitting

If clients could adjust the body shape when shopping, then shopping itself would be easier. It is necessary to understand how the clothing fits the clients size and body shape before the actual purchase.


Technology Physiological Issues


It is hard to recognize all body parts for a virtual fitting technology for now. The cameras on shopping platforms just simply need to be more worked-through.


The issue is quite complex. Arms and legs can be of different shapes, sizes, and positions. The face is more stable since it doesnt have as many expressions as the whole body. Thus, makeup, glasses, and hats are all available with virtual fittings. Big brands like Warby Parker, Ray-Ban, and Bolle have already adopted augmented reality. Development of such software is available to us. You can familiarize yourself with the application of human skeleton recognition and virtual fitting in our case.


Once cameras can recognize different body features and apply digital lifelike clothing with natural movement, AR will enter the world of fashion. Online shopping websites will become virtual stores. They will offer products related to high-quality 3D models that will easily fit (or not) your body. Making a purchase will be faster and more fun.