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Best Books on Augmented Reality of 2020

Reading AR / VR books is one of the best ways to stay on top during the fast field development. These books are great material for content creators, developers, and people who want to stay up to date.

In addition to addressing the industry complexities, the latest books on AR / VR are focused on the technology impact on various aspects of human life and their potential development in the future.


1. Virtual and augmented reality in education, art, and museums

By Giuliana Guazzaroni (author, editor) and Anitha S. Pillai (editor)


This is one of the AR / VR books that showcase the impact of new technologies on critical aspects of human life. Education, art, and museums are part of a higher level of human needs.


The editors of this book chose to focus on the strategic role of immersive technology in creating more accessible and engaging content for education, art, and museums.


This book explores the benefits of incorporating AR / VR technology into the learning process and shows how people enjoy art in various forms. It is a study guide for artists, educators, developers, researchers, and educators.


2. Advances in Usability and User Experience

By Tareq Ahram and Christianne Falcao (editors)


If you’re looking for AR / VR books that show how immersive technology helps to engage users, then this one is a must-read. The editors made a usability and user experience guide to improving the AR experience, as well as the impact of human factors and assistive technology.


The book covers such key aspects as human-computer interaction, finding effective approaches to improve user experience, and using immersive technologies to develop assistive devices.


3. Virtual Reality (MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series)

By Samuel Greengard


This book covers the latest augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality development additions. The book outlines the basics of popular technologies as well as ongoing researches in this area.


At the same time, the author explores the current and future role of the augmented reality in society. This is one of the best AR / VR books for people that are looking for the state of XR in 2020.


4. Research Handbook on the Law of Virtual and Augmented Reality

By Woodrow Barfield and Marc J. Blitz


AR / VR books cover not only technical aspects but also the legal implications of human interaction with immersive content. This book covers topics such as protected speech, data protection, and infringement in an artificial environment. The editors focus on how users act with virtual avatars and manipulate holographic objects with the result in real life.


The book also discusses the current state of legislation affecting AR / VR in the US, Europe, and several other countries.