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How Amazon Honeycode helps to develop applications without code

Ongoing debates about the codeless development environment for users are in trend. But in early 2020, Amazon announced the Honeycode program. It is a new tool that promises to help companies and individual enthusiasts to develop mobile and web applications without coding.

The new tool is designed for Amazon web services and it helps to develop interactive apps using simple and clear visual linker.


An Amazon spokesman said that the Honeycode framework would allow companies to “develop and implement programs and scripts of different complexity. From small team goal and task control programs to a project control system that manages a complex work system for multiple groups or departments.”

Users can create applications for free if there are less than 21 members in the team. If the number of members exceeds, you have to pay for each member to storage their apps. 

“Customers tell us that developers can’t keep up with the need of apps”, said AWS VP Larry Augustine. “Now with Amazon Honeycode, anyone can build powerful custom mobile and web applications without coding skills”

Honeycode comes with templates for common business applications such as inventory managers, to-do lists, customer tracking systems, and more, like similar app builders. Amazon highlights that historically, companies have had to rely on things like spreadsheets.

“Customers try to identify the static nature of spreadsheets. They send emails back and forth, but emails only add to the inefficiency. Emails are slow, don’t scale, leads to versioning and data synchronization errors,” Amazon spokesman says.

“As a result, people often choose to create their applications, but the demand for custom programming often exceeds the developers’ capabilities. This creates a situation where teams either have to wait for the release of developers or have to hire expensive consultants to create applications. Honeycode can solve this problem.”

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