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Fine Arts in Augmented Reality

High technologies are transforming our life more and more, making it much more multifaceted and rich. The Museum from Home concept is an augmented reality experience that virtually transfers famous works of art to the walls of your apartment or office.


In 2018, Cuseum published breakthrough research on how the brain perceives art. According to the test results, our aesthetic perception is not distorted by digital representation. In other words, our brain does not distinguish between works of art in digital forms and their physical, tangible originals.

Based on a series of experiments conducted in 2019, the company developed an original application that connects your phone camera with a library of thousands of digitized paintings and sculptures from all museums in the world.

According to the founder of Cuseum, Brendan Ciecko, your experience in perceiving virtual paintings will be identical to what you get while visiting the museum.


Using the augmented reality application on your smartphone, you can put any artwork on your wall and just watch how it looks via the screen. By the way, augmented reality can be successfully used not only in the field of art, but also in many other areas, for example, in children’s education, for which we have developed an application Osvita4D+.

This software has advanced functionality that allows not only insert virtual images of paintings and control their lighting, but also complement your walls, ceilings, and floors with various designs. For example, you can turn on filters and instantly repaint your home.

Companies as Cuseum allow users to deal with social problems, such as stress, anxiety, and boredom. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as studying the artworks at home helps to restrain the disease.

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