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Creative Coding. How to Improve the Relationship with Technology

Should creativity be an integral part of our workflow? Or does creativity have no other purpose than fun and entertainment? What are the possible benefits of being creative in programming?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software engineers will increase by 36% by the end of 2028. Bootcamp with code programming is seeing even faster growth, from just 2,000 graduates in 2013 to more than 20,000 graduates in 2019.


According to Google senior software developer Panos Pandis, programmers are taking over the world. But these are not the people you would like to see next to you.

“Why do we need more programmers? Because more and more people are trying to benefit from computing and technology in general. This is not a natural need, this is a phenomenon that we, as a society, have created and which we constantly feed. This is why we need more programmers.

But we cannot maintain this speed forever. We become hostages of the juniors and middles, who will never create anything truly creative.”

“When it comes to making giant tech companies even bigger, then I feel like it’s wrong,” – adds Panos. “If the motivation arose from the need for research, finding solutions to larger problems, such as alternative energy sources or environmental problems, then I might agree that we need more programmers. 

But that’s not where this common need for programmers comes from: it comes from big companies and the worldwide startup/entrepreneur hype. Nobody thinks about the impact on resources and the global use of capacity.”


Pandis is a radical developer. He argues that the world needs more people who love programming the way it is. If you love coding, you see it more as a form of magic than a routine go for programming. But we live in a time when we’ve lost touch with the mythical sense of magic. Nobody pays attention to beauty anymore.

Thanks to technology, each of us can create a beautiful and inspiring environment that is a personal representation of our own strange and magical inner world.

We can use interactivity, virtual reality, and procedural/digital art distributed in public and private spaces to create magic and give the myth essence.

Pandis hopes that people will realize this in the nearest future. He believes that creative coding is a kind of analog of the renaissance, which should come at the end of this decade.

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