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In this game, the player tries on the role of a business tycoon of his city. Driven by ambitions and a sharp mind, he makes every effort to achieve his place at the very top of the business hierarchy, but for that the player must stick to the right strategy, while not forgetting about other tycoons, and ultimately win the competition.




AR Business Simulator

Our web & mobile app development company created a game in which a player can buy a business on a real city’s actual map using augmented reality and geo-referencing for the selected business. He starts from a small business and by carefully choosing a good strategy there’s an opportunity to grow, and become one of the most influential and wealthy players on the server. To win the competition over other participants, the player can stick to one of the main strategies – buying outlets for commercial use, rebuilding the spot for a different type of business, upgrading, concluding contracts and various deals with other players, and advertising his business. Make your own stocks on a financial stock exchange, invest in stocks of other players, sell your business, take a loan from a bank, and be careful not to go bankrupt, sabotage another player’s business.

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    You can buy any free spot belonging to another player or city. In order to purchase it, the player needs to come to this spot on the map in real time, direct the phone’s camera to the mark and select an action “Buy”. A spot can be attached to a particular business, but there is a possibility of restructuring the business according to the player’s preferences.

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    Upgrade occurs by clicking the “Improve” button in the action menu of the purchased business and takes a certain amount of credits from the virtual account. Every new business upgrade is more expensive. Upgrading and advertising improves quality, popularity and profitability of the business, which brings the player closer to the victory.

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    Advertising is carried out using banners – all banners are located at a distance from each other and cover the entire game territory of the city. Some banners belong to the advertising agency and are already installed, others are available for banner placing. The player can rent free banners belonging to the agency for some time and to extend the lease term if he wishes. On banner spots that do not belong to the agency, the player can place his banner

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    There are 3 main types of contracts: a)purchase and sale. In addition to buying a spot for business, a player can conclude a contract for a transaction on goods and services with other participants. To conclude a contract, you need to approach the trading spot you’re interested in. b)agreement on cooperation. Players can cooperate with each other merging businesses on agreed terms, as well as buying enterprises together. с)to get a loan, you must contact a bank. The bank provides a loan against the player’s game property.



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