LvivMozArt Event

The augmented reality GPS-based mobile application allows you to interact with locations related to the son of the famous Viennese classicist's stay in Lviv. Currently, it includes 12 locations, but their number will increase.




Discover Mozart in Lviv

The result is the interactive mobile AR application "LvivMozArt", which was developed by the SOFTUUP team and the organizers of the LvivMozArt festival together with an innovative partner Visa! The app allows you to interact and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the picturesque sights of nineteenth-century Lviv, where Franz Xaver Mozart lived, composed music, and performed for more than 20 years of his life. We've come up with a lot of different ways to interact with the app, so expect exciting announcements!!!! At the time of the presentation, it includes 12 locations around the city.


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