Insurance CRM

We created a system that allows insurance brokers to handle all their customers in one place. The system contains calculators for different types of car and healthcare insurance policies, prints out filled documents, stores the data, and reminds customers about contract expiration.




Insurance CRM

The developed system allows the insurance agent to calculate the cost of the insurance policy based on customer data, to print it out via the Ministry of Transport official form, store a database of policies and customers, as well as to receive notifications about the policy expiration.

  • 0004

    access roles – accountant, manager, agent, administrator with a different set of functionalities.

  • 0004

    types of insurance contracts with various functionalities, print forms and cost formulas.

  • 30%

    reduction in time spent by management and insurance agents, which allows the company to process more customers.

  • 15%

    reduction in customer losses with a convenient reminder system for an expiration policy.


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