CPA-aggregator is an affiliate network connecting advertisers and webmasters, simplifying the search for both partners. A system with analytics and tracking, in which interaction with agents takes place.




WEB Application

The developed software package allows its owner to earn money by receiving a commission from transactions conducted on the platform. The web application is divided into 4 administrative panels:

  • 0001

    affiliate program owner’s panel – general statistics, financial analytics, statistics on webmasters and advertisers, affiliate program management.

  • 0002

    advertiser admin panel – used to create an offer, maintain sales statistics, receive information on orders(customer data).

  • 0003

    webmaster admin panel – general statistics with payout schedules, a list of offers with statistics and a list of landings, creation of flows for traffic distribution, traffic back and post back functionality, connection of prelendings

  • 0004

    call center admin panel – designed to process orders. Includes: access levels, integration with sms centers, integration with new mail, integration with IP telephony. Financial and warehouse accounting.


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