Bila Tserkva AR

The world is changing at a tremendous speed, new technologies are being actively integrated into different areas of our lives, and art is not an exception


Android & iOS App

In addition to augmented reality, the application contains information about the author and the idea of ​​sculpture, as well as audio explanations made by the artists, thus fulfilling an educational function of the experience.

months for creativity, thinking over details, development, testing of hypotheses that will appeal to residents and visitors of the city.
cool experiences in augmented reality developed by our team that become active when you interact with the application.
languages available in application: Ukrainian and English. After the interaction, you can leave a comment and share photos on social networks.
reaching an audience without an advertising campaign. Each sculpture has different interaction scenario: gaming, constructor, animation, puzzle.


AR Core

Mobile application Bila Tserkva AR is the first product presented in Ukraine which animated sculptures in the public space. Augmented reality technology contributes to the perception of information about the objects around us and, thus, this mobile application helped our team to find the solution of how to involve the viewer. Today, augmented reality technologies allow us to expand the boundaries of creativity and provide the opportunity to look at things from the different point of view.

Project Gallery

Michael Levchenko

Joy, Steel

Florence Hoffmann

Luxemburg, Mass Instruction Weapon, Stainless Steel

Ilker Yardimci

Tyrkey, Lyrical Message, Steel

Sergey Barannik

Ukraine, Man Longing For The Future, Steel

Placido Rodriguez Bonnin

Spain, Resilience, Steel

Bila Tserkva AR application

is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

You can access all functions of the application directly on the Contemporary Sculpture Boulevard at the address: Bila Tserkva, 149 Olexandria Blvd.