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AR Technologies for Shopping Malls and Supermarkets

Многие скептики до сих пор считают, что системы AR годятся по большей части для презентаций и наглядного проектирования. Однако эта отрасль постоянно совершенствуется и вполне доказывает свою пригодность и для повседневных серьезных бизнес-задач, так организация арендных процессов и виртуальное администрирование вполне реальных площадей.

For example, Vera has artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies that can be integrated into large-scale physical retail spaces – up to 1000 sq. m.

This software was introduced in 2019 at one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers in the world to solve the expansion issues. With over 6,000 stores and 1,500 monthly tenant service requests, the administration appreciated all the benefits of using AR.


According to the shopping center public relations representative, the use of immersive technologies helps retailers to attract customers to their stores. Vera, for example, offers navigation and visualization via the augmented reality. And at physical stores, the enterprises can use it to integrate multiple visualization data sources to create personalized purchases for consumers.

AR Technologies Vera

According to the administration, wholesale stores retailers can provide customers with information to find the necessary items. Vera can help to stimulate certain behaviors or control traffic while reducing the need for physical contact after the pandemic.


Vera Features


Artificial intelligence and augmented reality allow Vera to connect any device, agent, and physical environment. At the same time, devices become more context-sensitive. Applications and agents can understand the environment and navigate in it. Moreover, they can apply logic and get actionable ideas from the environment, which will help the consumer.


Vera comes with the SaaS business model. This means that retailers can try this solution before the integration. It does not require additional equipment and can work with any iOS- and Android-based devices.