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Services and Prices

Beside development, design and technical solutions, we provide accomplishment of specific marketing and business tasks. This way we bring to life the very best service in its class, that covers either financial and branding goals.
You have an idea?

We can discover it with you! In a short time, we will turn your idea into a technical description of the project, create mockups for the future interface, select the right technology stack and estimate the creation.

from 1500 USD
MVP Concept and testing

In a short time we run simple solutions to test the hypotheses and theories of bringing your product to the market. We launch an advertising campaign and a test product, analyze reviews, clicks and indicators. Based on them, we draw conclusions that will help when starting a full-fledged project.

from 2000 USD
Digital reality AR, VR, MR

Today, augmented reality technologies can expand the boundaries of creativity and provide an opportunity to look at things from another side, and the use of interactive applications for art objects over time will become a trend around the world. We believe that such applications will surprise users and bring positive emotions.

from 1500 USD
Artificial Intelligence CV, ML

We create solutions that use computer vision – it’ll give you unlimited possibilities for processing and analyzing the visual data.

from 7000 USD
Web applications complex solutions

We develop customized, functional, secure, innovative solutions for automatizing your business-processes, finances and resources. Our solutions help your business to save time and money.

from 8000 USD
Highload services and applications

High load requires an accurate server infrastructure configuration, and attention to the details. We use the most advanced architecture building methods when developing a project with highload.

from 10000 USD
Landing Pages

We highlight strong sides of your product or service and turn users into buyers.

from 1500 USD