Tech020 Amsterdam

A unique application combining an unusual quest, 10 mini-games and 4 quizzes. The user, in search of AR targets, moved across the building and using the phone, could find 3d robots (designed specially for fare companies), which unlocked a certain company game. After the passage of all the games, the user received points, which they exchanged for valuable prizes.


AR Event Application

We created event application represents a mix of common event apps (lectures schedule and venue maps) with mini-games competition between participants including AR elements. App was made in Unity3d for Android / IOS platforms. Event part: Welcome page, sessions page, lection description page, venue map. AR game part: Scoreboard, mini-games selection, AR models finder, mini-games.

event participants who installed the event guide application – in which the necessary information is always at hand: In which hall is the seminar taking place? How to find the right stand? What time will the report start and when will the coffee break be? Who to contact if…
interactions with tags located on the territory of the event – for the gamification of the processes of moving visitors and participants, creating additional involvement and collecting additional data such as a completed visitor profile, contact information and the results of completed surveys
application users completed more than 5 quests from sponsors and event organizers, the 3 most active players got into the top of the tournament table and received prizes from the event sponsors.
quests and mini-games developed by us at the request of the organizers and sponsors of the event, these are simple hyper-casual games that easily attract a wide audience.